Tree Surgery

We offer our customers a wide range of tree surgery options. These range from de ivy, crown thinning...

Tree Removal

This method is done by climbing the tree and removing it in sections and safely lowering these down to...

Hedge Cutting

Hedges can often change the appearance of a property so maintenance is a must. We are able...


We are always committed to providing the highest quality service for all of our customers and only use the best methods available.


Due to our type of work, safety is always a priority at all times. We ensure that the correct procedures are followed every time.

Customer Focused

We make sure to always understand our customers' requirements to ensure job satisfaction on completion.


We are always honest and open with our customers which enables us to build long-lasting relationships.


At Pitchford Tree Services, we are always reliable and aim to meet any project deadlines our customers may have.


We are very proud of our reputation which we have gained over the years and always conduct business to the highest standards.